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After-hours support for global MSP’s

For MSP’s providing 24/5 IT support to their clients, supplying a high-quality after-hours service can be a challenge. Typically, you have two choices—allocate staff to work the

night shift or outsource the work. We all know the downsides to night-shift work: fatigue

and health issues for staff, reduced performance and a higher risk of errors for end-clients.

Outsourcing has the potential to resolve many of the issues surrounding AH support,

as long as the service provider can meet the same high standards you provide during business hours. Providers with language differences or who work in a similar time-zone might not offer the expected benefits you seek.

After-hours support without the night shift.

Sphere12 provide up to 13 hours of full-escalation IT support to Managed Services Providers (MSP’s) around the world. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, we’re embracing

the time difference between us and our northern hemisphere global MSP clients to provide a world-class managed service support experience. We currently support medium-sized organisations of 20-500 end users across the UK, US, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Routine tasks like morning backup checks and server patching or maintenance can often tie up valuable staff in the morning, just when the support call traffic is building up.

The result can be longer phone delays or employees falling behind in their scheduled work. Sphere12 can carry out this routine work for you after hours, freeing your staff to answer support calls and tickets.

Fixed price unlimited IT support

The Sphere12 advantage is unlimited IT support at a very competitive fixed price.

Our AH Global Support Plans include:

· Unlimited remote IT support

· ​Accountability for the performance of your infrastructure

· System maintenance following industry best practice

· A performance guarantee and SLA.

Sphere 12 can handle all your infrastructure needs from desktop to server and everything in between. We support the complete infrastructure needs of our clients across WINTEL environments, networking (both LAN and WAN), desktop and IP telephony. We apply both ITIL and Agile methodologies to ensure our IT support is responsive and aligns with your business processes.

Our Global MSP Standard plan gives you 13 hrs of AH phone support, including four hours of BAU tasks per day. A routine job such as installing an application on a user’s PC can be disruptive for the user’s workflow and tie up an engineer during the day. Now you can book the job in with S12, and we'll carry out this task for you overnight.

Senior Engineer Ticket Escalation

For MSP's seeking higher-level IT support, we offer the Global MSP Premium plan. The Premium plan includes all the features of our standard package, plus additional senior engineer support for server and application issues.

More complex tasks such as server reboots need to be done out of hours. As an MSP, this could mean high overtime costs or time off in lieu for the engineer. By booking in these jobs with S12, we can carry out this work without disrupting your daytime work rosters.

A Seamless 24/5 Support Experience

Our goal at Sphere12 is to provide MSP’s with a seamless AH support service that matches your daytime operation in quality, process and customer experience. Contact the team at S12 to find out more about our plans and pricing.

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