Sphere 12

We support local & international partners
with IT support & technology solutions.

Sphere 12 It Services

Our mission

To provide high-quality IT support for our partners locally and abroad. We seek to increase the efficiencies of our partners' service and minimise disruption.

Our Values

As a company, we share these collective values that feed into how we work and the services we provide for our clients.

User Focused

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We work to solve their needs.

Sphere 12 It Services
Sphere 12 It Services


We take responsibility for the quality of our service seriously.


Continuously seeking ways to improve the services we provide.


Our expertise allows us to tailor-make solutions for our customers.

Sphere 12 It Services


We are committed to minimising disruption for customers and be there when they need help.

“We have worked with Sphere12 for 4 years and have found their input invaluable in extending our services to our clients."

Paul Kollnig,


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